Known recordings of  'Big Yellow Taxi'

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   Aires, Hollie    2014
   Akasa   2010
  a Joni Mitchell tribute album by Australian folk
   Alan Tew Orchestra   1971
   Alberstein, Chava   
  Unreleased recording; translated and sung in Hebrew
   Alexander , Monty   1970
   Alías, Celeste    2011
   Alibrandi, Lisa    2000
   Allagash   2002
   Alvord, Tiffany    2014
   Amodeo-Vickery, Tess   2012
   Ann, Keren   2003
  Unreleased; from a live performance
   Anna I   2004
   Anneloes Verveld Combo   2003
   Anschell, Bill    2011
   Applegate, Bob   2003
   Aquila Rose & Idana Valdes    2009
  Produced to raise awareness and funds for climate crisis projects and natural disaster relief.
   Autorickshaw    2013
   Avenue   1970
   Azevedo, Julie de   1996
   Ballroom Dance Orchestra   2005
   Banks, Tommy   1978
   Barbarino, Linda  
   Barbera, Berti    2015
   Barnes, Ilene   2010
   Basset, Karen   2012
   Baxter, Gwen  
  Cassette - Private Wisconsin label
   BB Band   1999
   Be Sharp   2006
  Dutch acapella
   Beach, Cat   2009
   Beazley, Del   1995
   Betsy & Chris   1971
   Beyond The Influences (BeTI)  
   Biddle, Jenny   2014
   Big Country   1996
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Big Yellow Taxi   2012
   Bligan, Liz   2007
   Bloomsbury Pops   1997
   Blue Lightning   2007
   Bobby Morganstein Productions   2010
   Bond, Tasha   2014
   Brennan, Maire   1994
   Brian Kirk and The Jirks  
  Live download from their website
   Brooks, Dave  
   Bruce, Lana   2011
   Buckingham, Lindsey & Mick Fleetwood  
  Recorded for Reprise Records' "A Case Of Joni" but unreleased.
   Bukeka Shoals with Ken Lovern's OJT   2006
   Butler, Harold   1977
  45 Single - A Side is "Freedom Taxi", and instrumental built around Big Yellow Taxi, B-side is a dub version of the same called "Freedom Version".
   Buzz Toyz   2004
  Download from their website
   C.S. Heath & Jonas James    2005
   Campbell, Tracey   1997
   Canadian Suite   2002
   Caplinger, Dennis   2005
   Captain Smartypants   2004
   Captain Vic   2002
   Carroll, Liane   2000
   Central Park Band   1997
   Chapman, S. A.  
   Charly Records Studio Group   2006
   Chasing Memories   2010
   Cher   2005
  A Bootleg compilation of TV and live appearances
   Chris Lee & Jenny Howe   2007
   Clarke, Rona   1975
   Claytone, Clara   2013
   Code One  
   Colgate Swingin' Gates   2002
   Colvin, Shawn with Mary Chapin Carpenter & James Taylor   2000
   Confetti   2014
   Connor, Carly   2013
  An online collection of iconic protest songs covers recorded for Bono's anti-poverty campaigning organisation, ONE, in the lead-up to the 2013 G8 summit in Northern Ireland. These recordings are among a series of events under the project name "agit8" to raise public awareness of global poverty and pressurise political leaders to support smart and effective policies to save lives.
   Corporate Cash Cows  
   Cossu, Barbara   2013
   Counting Crows   2002
   Counting Crows (featuring Vanessa Carlton)   2003
   Crawford, Allan   1970
   CU Buffoons   2012
  College acapella from Colorado University
   Dan & Lyla  
  Audio from artist website
   Dangerous Folk   2010
   Dark One Lite   2004
   Dassin, Joe    1970
  Recorded in French as "Le Grand Parking" - translation by C.Lemesle
   Davies, Colin  
  Download from artist's Soundclick website
   Davies, Julian   2004
   Davis, Rachael   2003
   Dee, Charlie   2009
   Defrenchy Duo  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Denjean, Claude & Synthesizer   1973
   DesLauriers, Marsha    2003
   Devany Jr., David    2006
  Download from Artist website
   Diaz, Gabriela  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Dig It All    2013
   Dimmick, Sharyn   2009
   Dixon, Carl   2003
   DMX Krew   2007
   Douglas, Shirley   1980
   Dr Bluegrass & The Illbilly 8   2013
   Dylan, Bob   1973
   Earthlings Electric Washboard Band   2010
   Eason, Sam   2014
   Ecco Singers   2014
   Eddie From Ohio  
   Elmerhassel   1991
   Engling, Gail    2012
   English, Hannah  
  Download from artist's Soundclick website
   Erelli, Mark   2013
  Released November 2013 as his monthly mp3 as a tribute to Joni's 70th birthday.
   Esmé Bos   2002
   Eu, Dick    2014
  feat. Rosita Ng
   Exit 9   2007
   Face2Face   1999
   Faegre, Dierdre Leah   2011
   Faith, Percy    1971
   Falciani, Dave   2003
   Feather and Down   2012
   Feddy, Jason   1993
   Figueiredo, Armando   2008
   Flagman Ahead   1999
   Flandez, Warren Dean   2011
   Flash Connection   2006
   Fletcher, Mary   2009
   Flip Peters and Larry Maltz   2015
   Gabor, BB    1980
   Get Lucky  
   Glória - Dublin's Lesbian and Gay Choir    2014
  Duo from Iceland - audio from a video.
   Grace Acoustic Trio   2012
   Graham Blvd   2008
   Grant, Amy   1994
   Grant, Lorna   2000
   Grean, Lorin    2000
   Green Day  
   Grier, Cathy   1988
   Gwildis, Stefan   2008
  Recorded in German as "Wenn Es Wig Ist"
   Haime, Vera    2000
   Hamman, Sara   2003
   Harper, Claire   2005
   Harrington, Paul   2010
   Harrison, Carmel  
   Harvard Opportunes   2003
   Heath & Molly   2014
   Henning Olsen Band   2004
   Henry, Nicole   2013
   Herve, Andre   1970
  French Release
   Het Borghuis Collectief   2011
  Het Borghuis is a restaurant where they also play live music.
   Higgins, Rachel and Hugh   1992
   Hislop, Andy   
   Ho, Daniel   2006
   Hodge Podge  
   Holloway, Diane    1999
   Hollywood Session Singers  
   Hopeless Romantics    2012
  From Croatia
   Hulabahoos   2004
   Hyman , Dick    1971
   Ian & Helen C   2004
   In Pieces  
  Audio from artist website
   Ithacappella   2006
  Lead vocals by Tim Nowak '07, arranged by Don Ferlazzo '05
   Itsuwa, Mayumi  
   Itt   2012
   J-Min   2007
   J.R. & Sharon   1998
   Jade   2003
   Jakubowicz, Martyna   2013
  Polish Translation: Duża żółta taksówka
   Janna   2006
   Jansen, Leoni   2008
   Jockel   1997
   Jon and Sue  
   Jovie   2013
   Kadoos   2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Grote Gele Taxi"
   Kai   2010
   Kat   2009
   Keb' Mo'   2001
   Kellner, Kelly   2005
   Kennedy, Brian   2006
  Issued September 10, 2006 as a bonus insert in Irish newspaper The Independent
   Kennedy, Kerrie  
   Kentucky Express  
   Kimber, Julie    2011
   Kindred Spirit   2000
   King, Chris Thomas    2006
   Konkova, Olga   2009
   Kushibiki, Sayaka   2002
   laidbook   2010
   Lamboy, Greg   2014
   Lanzetti, Bernardo    1999
   Lapointe, Lauren   2007
  Savannah Folk Music Society
   Last Call   2005
  All-male acapella from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY
   Lavell, Dee Dee   2014
   Lawrence, Claire    1975
  CBC Broadcast Album
   Lee, Nancy    2010
   Lehman, Ted  
  A medley with Woodstock
   Lemonier, Marion  
   Lennon & Maisy   2014
   Leora Cashe & The Ross Taggart Trio    2007
   Libman, Jeff  
  Live performance; downloaded from website
   Lilac Sheer with Shay Tochner    2010
   Lilac Time   1989
   Lindsay Thomas Morgan    2007
   Little Gas  
   Little, Stephanie Tucker   2007
   Loach, Vickie-Maree  
   Loaded Boxers  
   London Pro Musica Choir   2008
   Lorencová, Zdenka    1975
  Recorded in Czech as "Zlutý taxík"
   Los Valldemosa  
   Lotus   1994
  Performed by Lotus (Dana Chapman, Sherrie Lutsch & Kelly Teague).
   Maine Steiners   2005
  Acapella from University of Maine
   Makin' Whoopee  
   Maniscalco, Chuck    2005
   Maria Pia De Vito, Danilo Rea,Enzo Pietropaoli, Aldo Romano   2008
  Bonus Track added to 2008 re-release
   Martin, Lynn  
   Martini, Mia   1996
   McDonald, Shelagh  
   McKenzie, Sarah    2012
   McLachlan, Sarah & Lilith Fair  
   McNaughton, Eddie   2011
   McQueen, Valerie  
  Live recording; audio from artist website - featuring Mickey Nelson
   Me And Them  
  Website download
   Mead, Gale    2007
   Megalomaniacs   2001
  Acapella from Colby University
   Meinhardt Merry   2012
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Mezek, Aleksander    1977
  From Yugoslavia, recorded as "Mo~je V rnem"
   Mhairi, Brigid   2007
  From YouTube
   Michael & Jello   2013
   Milk And Honey   2003
   Miller, Betsy    2013
   Min   1998
   Mitchell, Katy   2005
   Mitchell, Scott  
  Audio from artist website
   Mixed Company   2004
   Mockingbird   2007
   Modern Folk Quartet   1999
   Moore, Bill   1969
   Mosaic Whispers   2004
  College acapella from Washington University
   Moser, Kathy   2009
   Myhre, Wenche  
   Nehemiah H. Brown & The Faith Gospel Choir   2011
   Nena   2007
   Nereide   2010
   Nicholas, Tomas    2010
   Niegratschka, Klaus    2000
   No Fixed Abode  
   Noon   2013
   Norma Winstone with the NDR Bigband   2006
   Northeastern University Downbeats   2004
   Not Too Sharp   2011
   O'Brien, Paul   2013
   O'Keefe, Ryan   2014
   Parallel   2011
  Audio from artist website
   Patrick McGinley & Family Style    2001
   Paul Tillotson The Love Trio   2005
   Paul Tillotson The Love Trio   2008
  Live version, listed as "Big Swinging Taxi (Big Yellow Taxi)"
   People Power Band   2010
   Piano Tribute Players   2009
  EP - Instrumental
   Pigg, Gabe   2003
   Pinhead Gunpowder   1992
   Pinto, Lynn   2002
   Rachel Z Trio   2002
   Rankin, John   2002
   Ray Kelley Band   1999
   Reed, Catherine   2003
   Richardson, Monica   2007
   Richter, Chip    2014
  Released as "Big Yellow Bus (Taxi)"
   Rock Kids Biz   2014
   Saline Fiddlers   2010
   Sally Barker - Joni Mitchell Project   2010
   San2 & Sebastian Schwarzenberger   2014
   Santos, Paolo   2003
  From a Video Compact Disc
   Satin Sheets   1975
  A group of Toronto performers organized exclusively for CBC recordings by Rob McConnell.
   Saunter, Riddim    2007
   Schettino, Gemma   2004
   Schinkel, Gerd  
   Scott, Lorraine   1992
   Shadows and Light  
   Sharino, Alison   2003
   Sheer, Ireen   1970
   Shih, Patricia    2014
   Simon and Jane Gomez   1978
  Auckland, N.Z
   Sklar, Brian    2003
   Skonberg, Bria    2012
   Sky, Katie   2012
   Skylark Acoustic   2015
   Sly & Robbie   2007
   Smith, Sara   1974
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Staring, Roland   2004
  Download from his website
   Steel Sunrise Steel Band   2001
   Sugar Beats   1993
   Sunday Folk   1981
   Supple, Brooke   2012
   Susan Govali and Terry Disley   2008
   Sutton, Tierney    2013
   Suzanne M. Sheridan & And the Suzanne Sheridan Band   2012
   Tabitha Fair & The Little Monsters   2009
  A Little Monster Earth Day Special
   Tangled Up In Blue   2004
  University of Wisconsin acapella
   Tar Heel Voices   2000
   Tara Scheyer & The Mud Puppy Band   2009
   Taylor, Richard   2009
   The Aaron James Collective   2014
  Live at Humber College
   The Acoustic Guitar Troubadours   2009
   The Albion Band   1999
   The Bates College Merimanders   1992
   The Chief Whips   2007
   The Come Dancing Orchestra   2004
   The Crawfords - Mario Cavallero Et Son Orchestre  
   The Dartmouth Rockapellas   1996
   The DQ of Amherst College   2000
   The Enigma Machine   2010
   The Eyewall Band   2006
   The Harris Family   2012
   The Hit Crew   2004
   The Hyannis Sound   2005
   The Idea Of North   2013
   The Kids Picks Singers   2003
   The Luv Handles  
  Download from band website; a medley with a cover of "Absolutely Right" by The Five Man Electrical Band
   The Neighborhood   1970
   The New Group   2003
   The Paris Studio Orchestra & Singers   2008
   The Poor Richards  
  William and Franklin College
   The Practicers   2000
   The Quality Kids   2003
   The Retards  
   The Retro Rockets  
  Download from Band Website
   The Rhythm Method  
   The Rock Masters   2008
   The Shivers   1991
   The Soundalikes   2004
   The Steve Klink Trio   2002
   The Sunbeams   2011
   The Sweets   2010
  Audio from artist website
   The Swinging 'Gates   1987
  Colgate University (Hamilton, NY) female acapella group
   The Take  
   The Tindalls   2005
   The Tony Chappell Orchestra  
   The Ukaye Ukes    2011
   The Wakes   2011
   The Wright Kids   2011
   The Yello Allstars  
   Therapy   1973
   Thibeault, Fabienne    2004
  Recorded in French as "Le Grand Parking"
   Thistle, Charlotte  
  Download from Artist website
   Thomas Kölling Acoustic Jazz&Song   2005
   Thomas, Mike   2015
   Throwing Stuff   2013
   Timmer, Mirjam   2007
   Tous les oiseaux d’Europe    2011
   Toxic Audio  
   Triple Trio   1997
   Two Tight   2004
   Ty & Ayesha  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Uncle Seth  
  Live, downloaded from band's website
   Vallance, Joanne  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Vehkavaara, Kenny & Silvio Simone   2001
   Vikki and James  
   Vincent's Chair   2002
   Vinnick, Sheppard & Harte   2007
  Suzie Vinnick, Kim Sheppard, and Elanah Harte in a folk power trio.
   Voce   1996
   Volker Niehusmann & Christiane Weber   1997
   Walker, Debi Sander   2008
   Warwick, Rachael   2013
   When The Cat's Away   1989
   White Hot   2010
  Audio from artist website
   White On Black   1974
   Whyton, Wally   1972
   Will Taylor And Strings Attached   2007
   Wilmot, Linda    2000
   Wilson, Julie   2002
   Winch, Ray   2001
   Wojtal, Liz  
   Wong, Susan   2010
   Yager, Andy   2007
  Downloaded from artist's Soundclick page
   Yarema, Tyler    2003
   Yarushina, Alyona   2013
   Yoshiko, Goshima    2001
   Youmou-to-Ohana   2012
   Young, Justin   2003
   Yung, Samara   2011
   Zilbersmith, Carla   2009