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Saskatoon group moving ahead to honour Joni Mitchell Print-ready version

by Kelly Malone
CJME News Talk 980
October 21, 2013
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Fmr. premier Calvert says summer controversy won't affect efforts

A group of people interested in honouring Joni Mitchell are taking steps to move forward with their plans.

The group, which includes members from Saskatoon's archival, business, and tourism industry, got together to brainstorm ideas for recognition in July.

Near the end of the month Mitchell herself spoke publicly against the effort to honour her in the city after several failed attempts.

Former Saskatchewan premier Lorne Calvert is a member of the group. He said there was a discussion on whether or not to proceed following Mitchell's comments.

"I think it was resolved among all of us that it's important to recognize Miss Mitchell and it can have an important influence on our own community and the fostering of new artists and the tourism in our community."

Calvert explained that he understood Mitchell's view was that the city should wait until she dies or simply go ahead without her input.

"We will be happy to, as we are able inform Miss Mitchell of any decisions or actions that we are taking but we have seen her saying very publicly that we should just move ahead and we think that's the appropriate thing to do," Calvert said.

"She is much a child of the prairie, a child of Saskatoon, a child of two parents, and the teacher that worked with her and that accomplishment and contribution is worthy of recognition. We will have a difference of opinion on current state of affairs but none of that difference of opinion changes that contribution and the fact of her contribution."

Calvert explained that means that they are still looking at what to do whether it be something traditional, like a street naming, or non-traditional ideas that would "look to more broader ideas that might be related to events or place."

He said the group has taken different roles from research to working with the city, to figuring out funding.

"There are some very tangible questions that need to be answered," he said.

Calvert said the group will get together again in January.

-- With Files from News Talk Radio's Karin Yeske

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