Happy Birthday, Joni! 2010

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we went looking for a party....

I hope you had a good one.

Wish I was there.
morrisfx [United States]:
What's a birthday? We're only particles of change orbiting around the sun. May you always be bound and tied to someone.
GerryMclaughlin [France]:
happy birthday joni. heres to the best year yet with as much of all that is good for you to handle!xx
xelxock [United States]:
Joni, a lot of us are right here with you!!! (I turned 65 in Sept). Would still love to hear your voice and creativity on an album...or two, or three or...
seanapper [United States]:
Happy birthday, Joni! Your art has enriched my life. For many years your music has played on my stereo or headphones or more often just in my head...your music is timeless, and it's the only music that I never tire of. So here's a heartfelt "thank you," and I wish all the best for you!
bluemax [United States]:
Your work sounds better each year, Joni.

I moved from Omaha to California in 1990, motivated in part by
your song, California. Can't imagine living anyplace else.

KFOG in San Francisco played a couple of your songs today
after I and others emailed Rosalie Howarth it was your birthday.
She selected Circle Game and Help Me.

Many thanks for your art.

CarolOfTheMountain [United States]:
Happy Birthday Dear Joni! The Circle Game is the birthday song we play every year....your songs have touched me so deeply through the years and now on into my daughters life. We share the lyrics to your songs like Bible verses, memorized by heart, to inspire, to comfort, to confirm.
Peace and Healing to you. Thank you from my soul.
jeanmarie [United States]:
Happy Birthday, dearest Joni!

To a fellow Scorpio: I wish you much joy and a delightful year ahead! Loved you since the age of 14. I could never begin to tell you how much your music has meant to me all throughout these past 40 years. I thank you, and I wish all the very best for you.
jivanmukti [United States]:
Sending love, dear Joni, more love ... beautiful birthday & everyday blessings,
EmpressZoe [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni. I grew up with your music, and it kept my heart whole. Thank you, dear one, with love.
Weemagick [Canada]:
Happy Birthdy Joni!
I haven't seem you up here (Sunshine Coast) in ages. Blessings to you on your birthday
Peace & Joy
neptune [United States]:
Greetings, Joni,
From Newark, Delaware. Having a relaxing peaceful day today, just thought I'd take a moment to wish you Happy Birthday, hope you're having a great one where ever you are, whatever you're doing, & thanking you for some wonderful music you've put out there for countless millions of us fans. My thoughts are with you. Take care. Bruce
ooops-correction on quotations!

"A painter paints pictures on canvas, but musicians paint their pictures on silence." by Stokowski
You are the music while the music lasts." by T.S. Eliot
"Music is love in search of a word." by Lanier

JC Musiclover
penneyroberts [United States]:
Dear Ms. Mitchell: Warm greetings! The Writer's Almanac tells me today is your birthday. Blessings to you upon it! Today is also my husband, Bill's, birthday. I remember when I gave birth to our daughter in 1997, I could not stand listening to the clanking of the metal medical instruments on the metal tray, ( I had to have a C-section) so Bill got my cassette of "Dog Eat Dog" and my headphones. You and I sang together all through my surgery. Thank you for getting me through sterile, fluorescent lights and facemasks! They had to tie me down crucifiction-style because I was freaking out. Your familiar, soothing voice and melodies carried me. If I had to choose, I think my favorite song is "Night Ride Home." When a woman can jam with crickets, wow, THAT's lyrical. May the heavens keep you in their loving arms always. ~Penney :-)
almira1 [United States]:
Dear Joni

At 20 years of age you had the wisdom of a human being 20 years older than you are now. As Stephen Sondheim wrote in the musical, Sunday in the Park with George'when talking of artist George Seurat's fictional grandson. "Give us more to see." We look to you to share your insight and your wisdom.

Happy Birthday to you as you continue on your journey, and thanks for sharing so much of yourself and here's a toast to you to share as much with us as you feel compelled to do in the future.

Peace and Love,

SweetAsSugar [United States]:
hppy bday from a fellow pps survivor
dabronxgallery [Australia]:
From the land down under love and greetings to you.
Your music has been in my life for a very LONG time,
it's always a joy hear your creative ideas.

MND. Melbourne....
bluschu [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni,

You were with us most of the day as we rolled home from Philadelphia to Rochester, NY. We had gone to visit my brother and one of my lady's dearest friends.

Ladies of the Canyon, Court and Spark, and Miles of Aisles.

The world is a better place because of you. We love you, and what you share with us.

Thank you and God Bless!
robertarleigh [United States]:
Cheerio my deario
musiclover [United States]:
I hope you are feeling lucky as a dog, as free as a bird, light as a feather
and as HAPPY AS A BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
"A painter paints pictures on canvas, but musicians paint their pictures on silence." Lanier
"Music is love in search of a word." T.S. Eliot

Jamie Curtis
PHojczyk [Canada]:
Joni, loved you since 'Big Yellow Taxi' and really got you when I got 'Mingus', and was over the moon when you played Ottawa in '98. It was an honour to produce and host a two-hour tribute to your music on the Ottawa U radio station. Best wishes for your birthday! Please grace us with your music in Ottawa soon!
tome57 [United States]:

Happiest and most amazing of birthdays to you! Of all the singer/lyrical poets of our generation and those after ours, your star shines the brightest. Thank you for gifting the world with your art, music and being. Your music has brought so much joy to so many lives, mine being just one, and I treasure each song of yours I've heard, and most especially those from the inspired collection HEJIRA, the soundtrack of my own cross-continental journeys. May you continue inspiring and creating for a long time to come.
mgrayson [United States]:

Your music has meant so much to me through all the years, THANK YOU!

I hope you are feeling well and having a wonderful day. Out thoughts and prayers are with you. Happy birthday!
chezjay [United States]:
Happy Birthday. Thank you so much for the music, I can't think of any moment of my life without it.
Admirer [France]:
Bonne Anniversaire. Happy Birthday. Van Harte!

Joni, we hail the muse of music, the spirit, soul and sasyness of a strong woman who enchants us with her sonic magic. Health, happiness and heaven on earth for Joni the Joymaker!

Canadian on the run...
aphelionite [England]:
Ashamed to say I only just figured out how great Joni is but she's certainly made an impression. Happy birthday!

Last night I had a dream
Of filigree on vines and leaves
Creeping through a hospital wing
In Morgantown, down in the canyon.
The ladies of the canyon got in my head
Though I only met them yesterday
And sixty-seven years ago was Joni's birth day
Sixty-seven years ago today.
deeaugust [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni!! Your music has meant so much to me over the years. I hope you are well and happy. Peace and Love, Dee
jeannemontana [United States]:
Thank you for the music and the stories and the humor~
My this be an epic year of living~

Happy Birthday
Jeanne of Montana
kicksave7 [United States]:
Birthdays wishes to you for a most wonderful day...and thank you for all the years of beautiful music and intelligent, thoughtful lyrics. You are a treasure and a true icon for our generation.

Most sincerely,

Sally Berger
trailgrrl [United States]:
You and your music have been such a big part of my life. love it, love you! I hope you are having a most wonderful birthday!
fogelberg [Scotland]:
Many many Happy Returns Joni.
Have a Wonderful Birthday
Love from Malcolm McPhee

morten [Norway]:
Happy Birthday Joni! I´ve been skating away on your river for nearly fourty years now - and slept on the strange pillows of your wanderlust.Thank you for your music and for being with us in this circle game!
reymonosoy [Peru]:
Joni, since I heard you for the first time I fell in love with your voice and your songs. Thank you for those wonderfull songs. Happy birthday, scorpions are the best (I´m scorpion to, jeje)¡¡¡.
I´m so happy Youtube exists and I can watch you sing each time I want¡¡¡¡¡
donna12 [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! You changed my life!! I think we'll play Blue tonight for our dinner guests. Much health and happiness to you. Donna
wamakwatxin [France]:
Hope you are having a great 67th. I thought of you all day, and i finally learned Hejira in honor of your birthday and the moody sky today. Thank you for that and all your amazing songs.

love Julie
clairewarren [United States]:
You hear this all the time, I suppose, but you can't know what a powerful force you have been in my life, pretty much since 1968. After my husband's premature and pretty terrible death, I turned to you for sorrow and grief and for inspiration and hope. Happy birthday to my own personal precious Joni. What a remarkable life you have led SO FAR -- still so much to do and accomplish!!
Claire Warren
CarolOfTheMountain [United States]:
Happy Birthday Dear Joni! The Circle Game is the birthday song we play every year....your songs have touched me so deeply through the years and now on into my daughters life. We share the lyrics to your songs like Bible verses, memorized by heart, to inspire, to comfort, to confirm.
Peace and Healing to you. Thank you from my soul.
Melina [Argentina]:
Happy birthday, Joni!
tpa-ddorf [Germany]:
congratulations to you an everything your music did for me TP
joniismyhero [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! I love you! Your poetic and passionate talents transform my soul into a place that I cannot even begin to describe! My birthday is tomorrow! :)
Happy Birthday Joni! I just wanted to say that we have the same special day. I am 48 andlive in Ocean City, MD. Happy Birthday!
alvyhall [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you always for your art and inspiration...
DiBue [United States]:
All the best to you today and everyday! You have made my life richer and more tolerable.I turn to your music when I need inspiration, insight, and just pleasure.
Happy Birthday and hope all is well with you.
Eiefratz [Germany]:
A very happy birthday and many more happy years to come! Thank you so much for your music. And on a more superficial note (I hope you don't mind my saying): You look fantastic!
Lancebowski [United States]:
Joni! Happy Birthday! Woman, you are the Bach of songwriter/musicians; such artistry.



Amy [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni ... thank you for giving us all a soundtrack for our lives.
jgalloway [United States]:
I woke up this morning, first thing before leaving bed, singing "A Case of You" and imagining the dulcimer fingerings. No surprise it's your birthday
:) Thanks for the inspiration to play music, and I hope your birthday is magic.
anna.pt.62 [Portugal]:
Joni you are an inspiration and a mentor. Your life has mirrored mine. We were a generetion who didn't have control of our sexuality when we were most active. I love your music.
Catherine [United States]:
My you feel overwhelming joy equal to all the hours of joy you have gifted the world. Many blessing to you.
Joni may all the song birds sing for you today... and may all the joy your music has given me be your sweet companion... with all my love HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
invpat [Ireland]:
Hope you are well and that today brings you happiness and solace.

Pat Doran
erzulieloo [United States]:
happy birthday, joni. thank you for everything.
Somehow I don't think you ever see these birthday wishes, but seen or not HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the hottest, funniest, brightest, musicalest, creative woman I have ever been aware of. You are loved and appreciated by me more than you will ever know. I hope your big day is filled with whatever rocks your world.
Chris Karl
menju56 [England]:
Happy birthday Joni, hope it's a wonderful day. Your music continues to give me both pleasure and food for thought.
joel [United States]:
Just a note. It's my birthday too. Thanx for all you've shared through the years. Helped me alot at times. Always had this birthday wish of sharing a meal and goin bowling. Ha! Someday maaaby. Stay safe, take good care
prosen [United States]:
You are always with me, sitting on my shoulder or around my head someplace--since I first saw you in 1968 at the Main Point in suburban Philly. I am a painter and writing teacher--and YOU taught me to love words dear Joni. Happy Birthday!
fredstickley [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni.
Back in 1978 we sat at the gate at LAX and talked for almost an hour.
I'll never forget it. You are truly a very nice person.
Fred xxoo
sherriegood [United States]:
Happy birthday! Have a good one.
nyrogrl [United States]:
Joni, you have always been it, whatever it is. Adoringly, Jody L. Serkes
morningcloud [United States]:
Be well. For whatever reason, your music and art have become very important in my life right now. They give me strength and remind me that it's ok to fly solo despite all the false alarms.
Happy Birthday!
intraining [United States]:
Thank You for all the great Art!
kootenayguy [Canada]:
Hippy birthday Joni, I hope you are feeling well and are surrounded by lots of love on your birthday
rjcbostonia [United States]:
Clearing his throat and taking a deep breath, Richard belts out in his best bathroom diva voice, 'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Joni, Happy Healthy, Beautiful, Painterly, Musical, Love-filled Birthday to you.' Shine on and on and on you crazy diamond. Love, Richard in Boston.
cortskate [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni !!

I have always loved you and your heart and soul music! I hope someday to be able to see you in person!

Take Care,
steeler [United States]:
You represent the chronicles of my idealistic youth, thanks for the crucial role you played in my musical and emotional life. Be young always! Steel Man
arjuna [Switzerland]:
hi joni, du und deine musik begleiten mich seit den sechzigern! immer noch gehörst du zu meinen absoluten favoriten! viel glück im neuen lebensjahr!

Elyce [United States]:
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday, Dear Joni!
Happy Birthday To You!
NormaJean [United States]:
Joni, so dear you are to me...that's all I can say or I'll dive into my lonely box of words and memories and start crying due to so many emotions which are just mine and yours...one day, maybe, I'll share, but not now. I love you, Joni!! You're a big part of my life, like the older sister I never had and needed to guide me and you have. A big part of you flows out of me everytime I feel and think. Thanks for letting me be me by you being you, just as natural as the air we breathe. Maybe one day I can hug you but for now, feel this gratitude and healing love I have for you...
zinbor [France]:
dear joni
over hundreds of music in my iphone
i ALWAYS keep hissing of summer lawns, HEIJIRA, and court and spark
in my all time favourite music. we call in french 'musique de chevet'...
all by very best greetings from France - CHRISTIAN
ottomarcos [United States]:
Joni, I send you all my very best wishes and LOVE on your birthday! You have (literally) played a major part in my life, from the first time I heard "Night In the City" on FM radio in 1968 as a 13-yr old, all the way through today. I'm so lucky to have been able to see you each time you played in Austin. May you continue to bring us art, wisdom, and beauty for many years to come! - Otto
bppounds [United States]:
Sending warm wishes for a perfectly wonderful birthday! Love you and your music, devoted fan since late 60s! Incidently, we were born on the same day!

ylinda53 [United States]:
I am listening to only Joni music today, all day! Happy Birthday! My husband was a yearbook photographer at the University of Hartford in the early 70's and has photos he took of you performing there. I tell him that is why I married him - ha! He tells me this story just to make me jealous of his "stage pass."
rflynn [United States]:
Happy birthday, Joni!
gabots [Denmark]:
Hello Joni, Happy Anniversary! I hope everything is going well for you. You are always in my heart, in my mind & in my MUSICAL LIFE ! All the best from Gabriel
cheswick [United States]:
Joni, you are the Leonardo da Vinci of our times! I loved your music from "Songs to a Seagull" to present...Equally, I love seeing your artwork!Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!
tamzon [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni, hope you are feeling well and have a wonderful day.
Tamzon, Auburn, IN
sngwrtr525 [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni. Been a lot of years since I interviewed you in the upstairs dressing room of the old Cellar Door in Washington, DC with the tape recorder that didn't work! AAARRRGGGHHH! Have a wonderful birthday!
christa [United States]:
I love you, Joni. Happy birthday! Thank you for the joy you have brought to my life.
It was a happy day for me, too, at Georgia Tech, to sign your bday card and see you receive the cake in the photo.
dcgardengal [United States]:
Happy it is your celestial day! To one of the most devoted soul in pen, paint and voice. I will play everything today, sing every song and just be happy to do so. The planet is so much better because of you!
angelfish [United States]:
undoubtedly, the greatest living musician of our time.
newton_bello [Brazil]:
Happy birthday, Joni, just like me... I'm a november 7th too... 1963.
snleber [Switzerland]:
Your music has moved me for most of my life. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Happy Birthday.
raspyj [Russia]:
World culture celebrates and feels alive thanks to your creativity! Thank God for your Talent. We love you!
Dmitry , St.Peterburg.
joergkessel [Germany]:
I wish you all the best! Happy birthday, Joni!
basket [Israele]:
JM never lies! happy birthday Joni!
jottenn [Germany]:
Dear Joni,
since Woodstock I love your music and my greatest wish would be to see you performing LIVE in Germany.
Best wishes from Frankfurt and thanks again for your beautiful and fantastic work.
pagandawn [Singapore]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Thank you for the music you have given us! Hope you get well soon!
from ARGENTINA, happy birthday Joni!!
jeanette [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! I met you years ago one night when you brought your cat in to VCA West LA. I was working there at the the time. I mentioned how I loved your music and how much it has influenced me. Your music is the soundtrack for many important events in my life...internal and external. Thank you for sharing your gifts - thank you thank you thank you - we love you!
owenthelad [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! It truly is a day to celebrate you and your amazing music.