Happy Birthday, Joni!

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iwalyt11 [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni,

Wishing you life's best; filled with a upcomming year of Peace,Joy,Good Health and most of all LOVE!!! You are beautiful from the inside-out. Words cannot describe my admiration for you.You music will be forever etched in my memory. Your music has touched my life in sooo many ways!!! God Bless.Patrick
enzolemos []:
Happy Birthday Joni!!!I'm listening Hejira,i think is a great album,i do love particularly Blue Motel Room and Refuge on the road,beautiful songs!Love you so beautiful Joni!!
billyboots [Canada]:
Happy Birthday from a life long lover of your art and music
wally1969 [United States]:
i am a fan forever, and wish you only the best. i just hope that you have love in your life, as your music has shown me much of the same.david.
CroonerAndSax [United States]:
Joni, I love you!
I am a fellow Scorpio (Nov 5th) who sings and plays saxes, flute, guitar and more. I am originally from NY, been out here (LA) for 4 years. Rewrote a line of Taxi to reflect Monsanto - love to sing it to you sometime. Let's get together and start a Musician's outreach to educate about Chemtrails, Morgellans, etc. I also have some detoxes you might want to know about.
Either way, much, much love on your birthday, darling. I feel we are somehow spiritually joined at the hip.
goz55 [Italy]:
Happy birthday from Sezze Italy, from a "forever" fan of you!! Love Sal
DeeBou [Canada]:
Immense heartfelt salutations on your birthday Ms Joni Mitchell, for you most definitely weigh in as an important aspect of my listening life, since much younger years.
Siquomb [United States]:
69 is very fine!
Many thanks for sharing your gifts of music, poetry, art & stories.
I'm wishing for you much happiness, love and good health.
jaxine [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! Thank you for your beautiful music - it is truly liquid poetry! There aren't words adequate enough to discribe the years of pleasure I've gotten from listening to your music... Peace and Blessings, Jack, a loving fan and fellow Scorpio!
starlite [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni,
I hope your Birthday was great and I want to thank you I been listening to your music a for a long time 54 years old here. You make me smile and you have an amazing vocal cords. When life threw it curve balls you brought me up when I was down. Thanks again
jshih [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! Thanks for all the beautiful music and art.
phxlongo [United States]:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE!!! ¸¸.•*¨*•♪♫♪♫ ♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ッ TO YOU ♪♫♪♫ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸
LennyG [United States]:
Thank you for giving us a river so long we could teach our feet to fly. Happy Birthday, Love, All of us.
jeanmarie [United States]:
Happy birthday, Joni! Thank you for all the joy! Thank you for all the eye-opening songs. Having you on this planet is a blessing.

Love from a fellow Scorpio,
Jean Marie

MusicQueen [United States]:
Happy Birthday!! I love your music, and paintings! Have fun!
ninefortynine [Spain]:
It's me from China again!I wanted to say I love youas well just because i love you as well.
Happy Birthday Hitsgal!
AnnikaDeVille [United States]:
Hey, hey, hey - shake a tail feather!

~ Mz DeVille

RolandWalent [Hungary]:
Happy Birthday again Joni,

in my previous wish below I didn't write I play many times in these days Shine too. My breath is taken many times during listen to Shine, especially Night Of The Iguana, the title track Shine, If I had a Heart, One Week Last Summer.

Thank you again for your wisdom!

Lots of love,
FellowScorpy [United States]:
Happiest of Birthdays, Joni. Thank you for the soundtrack of my life.
grazerism [Germany]:
Happy Birthday and THANKS for all you have given us! You are a true genius! I am an American opera singer living in Germany, and my daughter, born in 1970, is named after you. With all best wishes, Stephen Owen
To my hero and my muse. Thanks for your music and wisdom and insight and honesty. I have been a poet since I was 7 years old influenced by you. And now I have two daughters, great writers in their own right, who know most of your songs by heart. Your beauty carries on. Happy Birthday great woman. Happy Birthday.
RolandWalent [Hungary]:
Hello Dear Joni,

Happy birthday to you! :)
I hope you spend this day very well with your loved ones, and also hope that you are in good health.

I'm your fan since 2010 and since that time I have all your albums :)
These autumn days I listen so much your albums, now Taming The Tiger, Both Sides Now, Songs Of a Prairie Girl, Turbulent Indigo, Night Ride Home, Chalk Mark In a Rainstorm, Hejira...and all your albums, and Painting With Words and Music.
Travelogue is also so close to the mood of these days, especially, The Dawntrader, Refuge Of The Roads.

Thank you so much for the gift of your music, poetry and paintings.
Your life achievement means so much to me, being with me in many situations and periods my life.
You are a very good teacher too in human things, you are teaching about life, and very deep, inner human emotions which are hard to describe. And also awaking so many thoughts when I listen to your music.

In the springtime I made a portrait film-plan about you as an exam, it would be about your life acheievement during a talking with you in Canada and invite to give comments by many artists you have inspired through the years, for example Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Tanita Tikaram and Tracy Chapman.

I hope one day I will see you live in concert, and maybe hope that also I can dedicate your albums and DVDs by you and talk with you :)

Now I go to see the autumn leaves as I listen to Stay In Touch, Facelift and My Best to You, Man from Mars, so Taming The Tiger is THE No.1 autumn album of all time and Hejira too!

I'll wirite more :)

Your devoted fan from Budapest,
happy birthday to you again,
Roland Walent
(22 years old)

Rosemary [United States]:
To my #1 FAVORITE female musical artist on the planet....Happy Birthday to you Ms. Joni! Your phenomenal gift of music and poetry have been part of my life since the 60's and it got me through 6 weeks of healing after unexpected by-pass heart surgery in 2009 when I was 59. I played my custom Joni playlist throughout my recovery so THANK YOU for soothing my soul, mind, and body. The last time I saw you in concert was on May 12, 2000, the Both Sides Now tour....still have the program with your stunning self portrait art work (oh, I started painting too & just love how soothing it is!). Sorry for the long note, but I am taking advantage of this opportunity (before I leave this earth) to remind you how much you are loved, treasured and appreciated for every word and song you have ever recorded or composed....gifts that can be passed on to others for years to come. Simply, Rosemary OOO

Mauro [Italy]:
Hi Joni, AUGURI!! All of my love, and it's not a little thing :-)
joefar [Great Britain]:
I hope you have a wonderful Birthday Joni. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. Best Wishes and lots of love.

kootenayguy [Canada]:
Happy Birthday Joni, It was so amazing to finally meet you this fall, you are such a gift to so many people. I hope you are being celebrated and are having a loving fun-filled happy day. Thanks for being you and we will be raising a a few pints in your honor tonight!
sherriegood [United States]:
Happy Birthday tooooo yeeeeewwwww! Hope it's a good one!
Happy birthday to the woman who has enriched my life and touched my soul for many years. I wish you many more years of peace, joy and contentment.
Charles [Canada]:
Dear Joni,
I will celebrate your "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Joni by finally getting my hands on your "VOICES" book. You have given me over forty years of enjoyment on so many levels, it's hard to single one out but meeting you on my birthday in Vancouver is one of them. You are indeed one of Canada's Living Treasures. Continue to "break a string/brush". Take care on this your 69th year and many more to come. Much love, Bisous Charles.
pupil [Italy]:
Hi, Joni, you surely don't remember about me, but we met in Sanremo some 25 years ago (in 1988 exactly), when you get there to receive the Premio Tenco. After your soundcheck I came in with a book about you to sign and you dedicated it to Alberto (actually my name is Roberto but I found it quite funny).
I kept on listening to your music all these years and I'd put it in the Woody Allen's Manhattan list about the things life's worth to be lived. Thank you a thousand times for your gifts. My best wishes for your birthday.
Roberto Arbarello Savona Italy
smarie0408 [United States]:
Have a wonderful b-day, Joni! Thank you for all the magic you have brought into my life and my friends lives - and the world. You give voice to our innermost thoughts and feelings so beautifully.
May you be happy and healthy.
hibbitt [Sweden]:
No one does it better than you Joni, when you're doing the best you can. Thanks and greetings!
jimmy [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni, I hope you have a great one!
SueMc [United States]:
Dear Joni,

Thanks for all the wonderful, beautiful music and your creative spirit ... you are an inspiration to all of us.

Best wishes, Sue Tierney McNamara
Ralf [Canada]:
Thank you Joni for the beauty and poetry of your voice and the humanity that flows from it. Happy Birthday.
rickhradsky [United States]:
Dear Joni, Happy Birthday, from another lover. ---Rick H.
ottomarcos [United States]:
Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday, to the ultimate woman of heart & mind, from Austin!
ottomarcos [United States]:
Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday, to the ultimate woman of heart & mind, from Austin!
fogelberg [Scotland]:
Happy Birthday Joni on the 7th Lots of love Malcolm
GratefulDad [United States]:
To the most beautiful, inspirational, and influential woman that's ever graced this planet - Happy Birthday
Peggy [United States]:
Best wishes for today and many more....
Elyce [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni Mitchell! Thank you for just being!
Valeria79 [Italy]:
Happy Birthday Joni! I Love you! I hope you are well. Big hug!
ninefortynine [China]:
Hello, mammy Joni. I thought your birthday was today...I hope you will forgive me. I got you a nice necklace so you can wear it on your next exhibition.I' m sure you'll like it. Today we can do whatever you want.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
courtandspark86 [United States]:
I simply cannot put into word how you have touched my life. Your soul touched mine from the first time I listened to your music. I was on the way to the beach with my mother, and she popped in a Court and Spark cassette tape--I felt so connected to my mother, and you- never have I so readily, so easily, so strongly felt connected to an artist before. What you have created and continue to create is a true gift that will continue to live on as one of the world's most precious collections of expression. I only wish I could see you perform, just once:)
Happy Birthday my lifetime companion..you been with me for over 44 years ever since Ladies of the canyon album 1970..I was born 7 dec 1953..10 years and a month after you..and my second name is Robert,and my grandmother had Norwegian roots..and I paint like you..I was born in Sweden but live in Greece the last 30 years..anyway Happy Birthday my dear Joni and thank you for all the beautiful moments I have had with you and your music..you are a true artist
JaySix [United States]:
Thank you for all of the paintings, the words and the music.

"In the middle of this continent, in the middle of our time on Earth...stay in touch."

Happy Birthday, dear Joni!

liam [United States]:
happy b-day Joni!
leecoyote [United States]:
Thank you for all the music all these many years (you were born nine months after me) and what it has meant to my life. And meeting you at the Big Sur Folk Festival in 1969 was surely one of the highlights of my life.

Have a wonderful Birthday!

BrigidMhairi [Scotland]:
A very happy birthday Joni! You are such an inspiration to us. All my love from Edinburgh, Scotland is wished to you by Brigid Mhairi
mariagrazia [Italy]:
Go on Joni and keep playing and loving , this is only a dance! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
nina18 [Italia]:
Auguri, mamma Joni! Accompagni la mia vita con la tua dolce voce e la tua musica.
Un felice compleanno

Anna M.
mariagrazia [Italy]:
Go on Joni and keep playing and loving , this is only a dance! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
MJSentance [United States]:
Here's hoping your day is as fine and as beautiful as all that you have given us.

So here's to you
May your skies be blue
And your love blessed
That's my best to you

fae13 [United States]:
happiest of birthdays to a lady who inspires so many with her beautiful music and brilliant paintings. did you imagine, when you were little, that your presence, music, and spirit would change so many lives!? ♥ wishing you much bliss, good health, and endless beautiful days. Shine your light! with love and respect, -Fae Wiedenhoeft www.jetbutterfly.com
BobStokes [United States]:
Sorry if I scared you that day in Manhattan when you were driving a station wagon and we pulled up next to you at the stoplight. I couldn't help but worship you. Learning to play a musical instrument by ear by (imitating you and your weird tunings, no less) got me through those awful early years. Best wishes and oodles of affection on your big day.
Gayle [United Kingdom]:
fogelberg [United Kingdom]:
Have a Wonderful Birthday Joni. Love as always.Malc x
morten [Norway]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! Keep on shining!
Happy Birthday to what feels like a dear friend. Your music has pulled me through all kinds of times, and I feel blessed to have found you.
britton90 [Canada]:
Regardless of sadness or beauty each day empties and vanishes, have a wonderful and happy, happy birthday Joni!
cityseagull [Australia]:
Sending an abundance of love to you Joni Mitchell on this orbit around the sun! You have been with me since 1969, and I have listened to you almost every day since, as you have been guiding, questioning, showing me love and compassion while nourishing my heart and soul with your visionary musical language! I see you in my dreams, you are the sister, the mother, the friend and you are definitely the woman! If an angel took physical form, there you would stand, shining like a beacon in this crazy world!

The most joyous love filled happy birthday to you, my friend!
Nev x
jamiezoob [England]:
Many Happy Returns Joan! Wishing you health, courage, joy and abundance (not to mention a little 'trickle in income!')
Oops -- not a "?" but a "!"
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear Joni...
Happy birthday to you?

Love ya.
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear Joni...
Happy birthday to you?

Love ya.
jbjbgcmb [Great Britain]:
Happy Birthday Ms Mitchell. Hope you have a fantastic day. The offer I made last year to pop in for a cup of tea, still stands, if ever you are in Chippenham, Wilts, UK. Thank you for all your wonderful art.In todays music, your poetry can be compared to the greatest of all sonnets, whilst all around me, all I hear are but nursery rhythmes.Your songs will transend time, and will be forever in my heart.x
Kitty [Canada]:
Have a wonderful birthday Ms Mitchell, 69, great number, great year!
I met you many moons ago at the Dini Petty show here in T.O., you signed my Bell bill and Dini took a photo of us (treasure)! I have been a devoted fan and "student" of yours since the 70's, and I've since learned via Elder Vern Harper, Bob Hunter and Gordie Johnson (Churchill Elder) that you are "Gifted" and "Blessed" by Native Elders! However indescribable, you gave me "that look" of Blessing which subsequently Elder Vern Harper, Gordie Johnson and Bob Hunter did! I discovered in the year 2000 that I have been "Blessed" and "Gifted" too (1999, Gordie Johnson, Churchill Manitoba) thanks to you and your fellow Elders!
Wow, what a journey! Enjoy the rest of it and I hope to see you again! Happy Birthday To You Ms Mitchell!!
With Thanks and Praise and Love,
Your Fellow Canuck,

NancyHorvat [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! My brother, sister and I have enjoyed your music for many years and are our favorite artist. Keep hoping that you'll come to Chicago and play a live concert. What at treat that would be. Enjoy your day! Nancy Horvat, Chicago, IL
philhansen [United States]:
Happy of all your birthdays Ms Joni, thank you for making my life more introspective ms joni...I love having your voice fill my home almost daily...may you live forever...I fell madly in love with you and your music when I was spending spring of 74 at Matala...Thank you so much for your artistic efforts...with all my love to you and yours on this special milestone of your life...always your friend, Phil Hansen, Chico
CrosbyStillsNash [United States]:
Joni, You have been an inspiration and muse since the time I purchased the Clouds album in 1970. Your poetry, music, and art have been touchstones of my life. I've enjoyed seeing your live performances over the decades. Thanks for the years of joy, emotion, and imagination. Wishing you a wonderful BIRTHDAY . Cheers!
sweet.bird [Canada]:
i know that i'm a bit late, but i couldn't let this pass me by without wanting to wish a very happy and beloved birthday to ms. joni mitchell.

ma'am you've changed my life for the best ways possible. through your life's journeys and your art, you've changed mine and sent me on a path to true success and bliss. many many thanks! i hope to relay my thanks and my gratitude to you in person someday soon.

love you xo!
natacham [United States]:
Joni, Happy Birthday to a sentimental part of the sound track of my life. I love you music and your style and would love to sit and have a cup of tea with you someday. Thank you for touching my heart with your songs.
beth@artcraftinc.net [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni, you are the best, I listen to your music every Sunday - it's better way to start the week thank church. Thank you for all the joy you have given me.
lbeezley [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni!! Your music has meant so much to me. I am 59 years old--I have a 27 year old son and we both love your music--a testimony to the timelessness of it and to your great gifts. I hope your birthday was wonderful.

freedom8011 [Canada]:
What a great age and postion
mbcarbus [United States]:
The best of Birthday wishes to the most musically influential person in my life. Your poetic words, story telling magic and music genius are unmatched.
ChaChaR00 [United States]:
A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, the wonderfuly talented Goddess of music! I own any music of yours I could get my hands on! Your music is just as current now as it was back when you wrote it. Thank you for being in the world and sharing such beauty with all of us! Smiles, Joy and Love to YOU!
gvarner [United States]:
Dear Ms. Mitchell - you're still my favorite. You're the best songwriter of them all, a great musician, and a great singer. Your work has been a sustaining touchstone for me for nearly 40 years. Thank you for the musical education and for making the argument for quality. You're my hero.--Greg Varner
jaapjan [Netherlands]:
Happy Birthday Joni, wishing you health and happiness!
We will drink to you today! Really hope you will release another song/ album. Your albums are my favorite music on my iPod.
Love from JJ, the Netherlands
rflynn [United States]:
Happy birthday, Joni!
Peterd11 [United States]:
It is so refreshing to wish you Happy Birthday instead of listening to more election fodder!
phenry [Guam]:
Happy Birthday and thank you Joni for all the beauty!
Mauro [Italy]:
Joni, happy birthday from my heart. You've been a companion to me for years. Long ago, I traveled alone in Canada, and your voice and your world was with me. I dream of seeing you one day, maybe in Italy, with your paintings and your voice (seen how many comments from my country!!!). A hug. Mauro
Happy Birthday Joni, Here's wishing you a great trip around the sun and many more.
leonzio [Italy]:
A great woman, a wonderful artist! Wish all the best and more.... I live in Italy and I' ve always appreciated all your works I' ve bought your biography and I' m going to read it
Best wishes to a great woman of heart and mind...
A u g u r i d i c u o r e!
Maria Antonietta Leonzio
lmatter [United States]:
Greetings from the Pacific Northwest Thank you for the years of wonderful music and art. You are a major and important part of the nurturing I do for my soul. Funny thing, I took a road trip to Oregon this weekend and picked up a tribute cd of your songs at the library to bring with. I did not realize it was your birthday but have been listening to your music all weekend anyway! And then decided to share two of the covers (Prince and Annie Lennox) with two good friends. How timely since it is your birthday and your music has infused my weekend! Thank you again! Laura Matter from Seattle
iloveemeralds [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Thank you ofr the beautiful music! Love you! <3
jllewellyn [United States]:
Happy Birthday Sweetie!! I nominate you to be Queen of Mardi Gras! Way down south in New Orleans where the culture is alive, alive, alive! Enjoy and Merci Beaucoup for being you.
quetalal [United States]:
Happy Wonderful Birthday!! I've been with you and your music since I first heard Court & Spark in '74. Went back for Ladies, Blue & Roses. FINALLY got to see you perform in '98 at Pauley Pavilion!! Hoping for a Return but understand your reticence. Love Your Music and Always Will. Hugs! Allan
jeffbakermusic [United States]:
Joni, happy birthday. You're a light in the world that shines and enables people to see and live life more (not very poetic, but I hope you get the idea).
finlb [Australia]:
My fren's and I wish you a http://youtu.be/glNjsOHiBYs
saabkaca67 [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni....my birthday is today....63 :) I count my blessing as I look at my three beautiful daughters,and two grandkids....like your beautiful songs my family legacy will live on and on....
bobk1998 [United States]:
Happy birthdate Joni and many more!!!!!!
zalon1962 [Italy]:
Happy Birthday and God bless you!!! You are the Best among the bests!!!!
plindley [United States]:
Your music is the sound track to my life! I began listening to you in 1971 as a freshman in college. All I had was a little plastic record player but your music still managed to sound wonderful. I have all your albums. I was living in Austria in 1973-74 for a junior year abroad and a friend mailed me a copy of Court and Spark so I wouldn't have to wait to hear it! Fifteen years later I had that same album with me on a road trip with a friend. I was trying to explain to my country music loving friend what an amazing song writer you are, so I read to her the lyrics to every song. You are amazing.
stavanger74 [United States]:
Hi Joni,

Been listening to Shine all week. May the Earth be yours and everything that's in it. But more than that, I'll know you'll be alright. Happy Bday!

LaylaGordon [United States]:
Have a lovely birthday! Your music brings joy.....;)
marino [Italy]:
Happy Birthday Joni !! I saw you in concert many years ago in milan .... it was fantastic, You are a Great Artist !!! Marino
phy6pgk [England]:
Many Happy Returns!! Want to knit you a sweater, want to write you a love letter...
Littlest_green [England]:
Happy Birthday Joni,
I'm only 16 years of age, yet your music has influenced what little life I have already lived so much its crazy. I would like to thank you for always being your own person, and help us understand ourselves better by being so beautifully honest in all your work. Furthermore, I would like to thank you for inspiring me to write my own music and songs.
I would say rest and relax, but I know you will continue to work tirelessly for what you believe in, for humanity and the environment (maybe with a few nights exceptions!)
All my respect,
A fan
jwboundy56 [United Kingdom]:
Happy birthday Joni, your music is as fresh and vital as the first time I heard it. A true star.
Ronaldo49 [United States]:
Warmest Birthday Wishes from The Greatland (Alaska), Joni. You are quite an inspiration, to say the least. Enjoy your day to its fullest. Cheers~
paul.grose [Canada]:
Happy, happy birthday, Joni. Thank you for all you've done with music, and keep on shining!
goodtimemary [Croatia]:
Sweet Joni, happy birthday, you've taught me so much. Thank you.
poogie714 [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni!!!!!!!!
fbergman [Argentina]:
Happy Birthday Joni!!!!! my best wishes from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love your music since i was a teenager. Have a good life.
Heidi [Norway]:
Hi Joni, happy birthday! I have listened to your music since I was a little girl, I heard the music and the lyrics very much, and I'm a big fan. A few years ago I found out that we are related. My grandmother comes from Modalen, from the same farm as your grandmother. My grandmother's name was Brita Farestveit born 1886. I think your grandmother was her cousin. Strange .... I wish you a wonderful day, please contact me if you want. Sincerely, Heidi <3
pmvart [United States]:
"69" A great number for a GREAT lady!!! Happy Birthday...your music is timeless and your art is amazing! You have been a significant inspiration in my life and my art...I will always love you and the gifts you have given this crazy world! God bless you always.
Happy Birthday, Joni! It's been a privilege to listen to your music all of these years! Thank you!
madfan13 [Colombia]:
Joni happy birthday!!! Thank you for inspiring me and bringing so much happiness and joy into my life through your music and your wise words! All the best from Colombia!
kicksave7 [United States]:
Wishing you a great day and a very happy birthday. Sally Berger
Ridgewoman [United States]:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JONI!!! I've loved you from the first. I hope you know, in some way, how much you Are loved, by tens of thousands of us you'll never meet. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOxoxoxoxoxoxoxo... Ridgewoman
grvnsuzn [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! I have known you for so long and you have given so much - Thank you! Enjoy your day & cheers to another season having gone round and round!
SharonLee [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni. from a looooooong time fan. :D
swankyspoon [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni!
gilbertgoodworth [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Your music means the world to me and I hope one day to see you perform. Have a fabulous day!!!!
horowitzbjane [United States]:
Best birthday present ever: Back in the day, my then-boyfriend asked my dear friends to replace all my Joni Mitchell albums that I had simply worn through. And so I was greeted with brand-new vinyl, Song to a Seagull through Hejira. Wishing you the same sort of delight that I felt at that moment. Happy Birthday, Joni!
beatntrack [United States]:
Happy birthday Joni from this lifelong fan and student of your timeless music. I hope you are well and happy.

p.s And we'd sure love to see you "appear" on your website someday. It's really rather good.
janeblears [England]:
Happy birthday. Have a great day.
hubbul [Canada]:
Happy Birthday, Joni!
AnnGogh [United States]:
I pray that you are in a peaceful & blissful time of your life. You have brought to me so many reflective, enlightening moments...I wish I could return the favor.
Happy Birthday Beautiful Soul!
Your forever fan...I am a lonely painter...
Timmay [United States]:
Another birthday... really?
forsunshine [United States]:
Wishing you all the best - always. You truly are one of the finest talents that have ever graced this planet. Thank you for sharing your gifts.
Happy Birthday to you Joni, I hope you have a memorable birthday
justalittlegreen [Poland]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Be as wonderful as ever! xxx
midlagednkrazey [United States]:
A very happy birthday to you Joni, and thank you for some great music and memories over the years
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